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Biller Direct FAQs

What is Biller Direct?

Biller Direct is a feature of online banking that offers an easy, intuitive experience and real-time payments. In addition to Bill Pay, it is another easy way to pay your bills by allowing you to make payments with your card in real time – allowing you to know exactly when your bills are paid.

Does Biller Direct support the payment of bills that vary in amount or due date?

Yes, payment amounts and dates are customizable.

How soon can a bill be paid?

When a bill is paid via Biller Direct, there’s no waiting and no uncertainty. It’s a real-time experience, meaning you can be confident that your payment will be made when you want it made.

What happens if a biller’s website changes? Will my payments fail to process?

Biller Direct constantly monitors error rates for logins. That means Biller Direct typically discovers website changes within 24 hours or so and can make necessary fixes quickly after discovery.

What if a biller doesn’t support the payment method I’ve saved?

Biller Direct requires you to enter a payment that works with the biller you’ve linked. This may mean that you need to have multiple payment methods saved in the system.

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