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Single Log-In for All Your Accounts Is Coming March 4 to Online Banking


An All-in-One Online Log-in Process

You’ve spoken. We’ve listened. We’ve consistently heard that you want an all-in-one log-in process for managing all your Avadian accounts online.

Gone will be the need to keep up with multiple usernames and passwords for all your Avadian accounts. This means that you’ll be able to manage all of your Avadian accounts in a single, comprehensive online and mobile banking experience – even if you have multiple member numbers.

Gone, too, will be sharing your log-in information with the person who is a joint owner on the account. Each person on an account (as primary or joint) will have the option to create a username of their own. If you don’t have a username or if you are joint on an account and want to set up your own username, you can set up one easily when the new online and mobile banking experience launches this fall.

(What’s the difference between “primary owner,” “joint owner,” and “beneficiary”? Check out our FAQs.)

If you have questions about viewing your accounts in online and mobile banking, call Member Services at 1.888.AVADIAN (1.888.282.3426).

One Username for All Your Accounts

When the new online and mobile banking platform launches, you will log in with your current username and password but will see all your accounts on the same screen – whether you are the primary account owner or a joint owner.

If you have more than one username currently, you can use any of your usernames the first time you log in to the new online and mobile banking experience. At that point, you can go to "Settings" then "Security Preferences" to create the username you'd like to use going forward.

You will be prompted to receive a secure access code and then to create a new password once you log in for the first time. To learn even more about logging in to the new online and mobile banking experience for the first time, click here.

Setting Up Your Account Dashboard

The first time you log in to your account, your accounts will be automatically arranged in groups starting with checking accounts, followed by savings accounts, and then loans. If you have accounts under different member numbers, they will be grouped together by account type rather than by member number (i.e. all checking accounts will be grouped together regardless of member number).


You will be able to identify to which member number your accounts belong by looking at the five-digit number to the right of the account type. The full member number will also be displayed as "account number" in the "details" section for each account.

You can rename your accounts and rearrange them to create a custom dashboard of all your accounts.

For instance, if you are joint on your spouse’s accounts and want to group them separately, you can do that by “dragging” the tile for that account to the inbox icon that will pop up below your cursor. You may also hide accounts if you find there are accounts you simply don't want to see. Check out our FAQs to learn how.


This will create a group into which you can move other accounts as you wish.

You can change the name of that group by clicking the pencil and entering a new name.

You can create as many groups as you like.


To learn more about the new online and mobile banking experiencing coming this fall, click here.

Internet Explorer will not be supported by the new online and mobile banking platform. We encourage you to use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox when accessing the new online and mobile banking experience.

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