No Car Payments for 90 Days*

Bring us your current car loan at another financial institution or finance a new car with us by April 30, 2017, and we’ll give you the next 90 days off from making car payments!* Instead, use that money to build your savings, pay off debt or plan that summer vacation you've been dreaming of!

And the extra savings doesn't end simply when summer does. Our car loans offer annual percentage rates as low as 2.00%**, so you continue to enjoy great savings and affordable payments. 


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Want to learn more? You can find out much more about all of our loans here. 

*Offer based on credit worthiness. Interest begins accruing on the date the loan is booked.  

**For a term of 36 months, your monthly payment will be $28.65 per $1000 borrowed at 2.00% APR. All rates are based on credit worthiness, model year, term and auto pay or green discount. No refinancing of existing Avadian loans. Rates cannot be combined with any other loan discount coupons or offers. Rates accurate as of 3/22/17. All rates and offers are subject to change without notice.